Hi, I’m David Weller. Nice to meet you!

The Barefoot TEFL Teacher is a newsletter I publish twice a month for language teachers, trainers and managers.

Barefoot doctors in China used to wander between villages giving help and advice. I want to do the same - but instead of me wandering, the newsletter will come to you.

My goal is to help 100,000 teachers improve their professional practice regularly.

Two Principles

There are two principles I follow in every newsletter:

  1. Teaching focus. I talk about educational issues, not politics or the latest news headlines.

  2. Actionable advice. In every newsletter, I will try to give at least one practical suggestion to try in your next lesson.

Topics include:

  • Lesson planning

  • Classroom and online activities

  • Learning theories

  • AI, technology and edtech

  • Mindset

  • Teacher training

  • School management

  • TEFL and education sectors

  • Book and tool reviews

  • Jobs and career guidance

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Who is the Barefoot TEFL Teacher?

My name’s David Weller, and I've been a language educator since 2003.

I have a diploma and a master's degree in teaching English (TESOL).

I’ve been a teacher, senior teacher, director of studies, an area manager (for 24 schools), an IELTS examiner, a CertTESOL & DipTESOL trainer and course director, and a CertTESOL moderator and DipTESOL examiner with Trinity College London.

I also consult with schools for their academic programs, and their marketing. Most recently, I’ve helped an ed-tech company grow the number of young learners using their language learning apps.

I’ve also written five books for sale on Amazon:

It’s nice to ‘meet’ you here, and I wish you all the best on your teaching journey!

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