A Growth Mindset for Students and Teachers

Fact: students who have a growth mindset outperform students who don’t. Another fact: you can help develop a growth mindset for students (and develop one yourself while you’re at it). Growth mindset and fixed mindset are terms for how we perceive and deal with failure. If you have a growth mindset, you believe that you’re able to learn… Read More »

How Much of What You Know is Wrong?

How much time do you spend updating your knowledge? How many of your TEFL teaching beliefs are now outdated? New research is released daily, about language acquisition, linguistics, neuromyths that just won’t die. … how sure are you that what you know is really up to date? One of the most important skills we need as teachers is the… Read More »

Is the ELT Industry Dying?

What will happen to private language schools as English becomes taught more as a universal skill in schools around the world? The simple answer is that no-one can tell you for certain – but we can make some logical predictions, based on industry trends. The more complex answer is that the future depends on the motivations of our… Read More »

4 Reasons Your Students’ Pronunciation Sucks…

…and what you can do about it. All of our students want to sound natural and have a ‘native-like’ accent. As a teacher it’s important to understand the reasons why our students struggle to produce the right sounds, so we can help them improve. There are four reasons that students have trouble producing the correct sounds:   They… Read More »

Get Your Students Hooked On Language Learning

What if we could make learning a language as addictive as chocolate, computer games or TV? What if we could make learning English so enjoyable that it became something that students did when they procrastinate, rather than something they procrastinate from doing? Yeah, right… But what if? Fun Language Learning = Addictive Language Learning Turning a long, arduous… Read More »

The Changing TEFL Industry

Some would say it’s already changed. It used to be that if you were a language student, you had to come to us, the experts. Language schools, teachers, and course books were the gatekeepers that controlled access to knowledge. It used to be that you had to come through us if you wanted to learn a language. Not… Read More »

Should Every TEFL Teacher be a Language Student?

Does it strike you as strange that as language teachers, we teach something that many of us have never done? I’m talking about learning second language to a high level. For those of us that have learned or are learning a language to a reasonable level, we can empathise with our students and help them to a greater… Read More »

Competition vs. Cooperation in the Classroom

Some teachers swear that competition is evil, and only use cooperation in class.  Others regularly use competition, get great results and wonder what on earth all the fuss is about. So which is better? Wrong question – they’re both just tools to be used appropriately. Just like Teacher Talking Time isn’t necessarily bad, competition in the classroom has… Read More »

7 Super Powers that TEFL Teaching Gives You

You just thought you were signing up for a year of teaching abroad. Little did you realise that you were going to get the equivalent of an iron man suit thrown in for free. Remember to use your newfound powers for good, not evil. OK, so your new powers aren’t that dramatic. No leaping tall buildings in a… Read More »

Successful Language Teaching is about Connection

What is language, if not a means to connect with other people? We all have an innate need to communicate, to connect with other people. In education, this is especially important. Too many teachers communicate without connecting. They just ‘don’t care anymore’. So why does connection matter in language teaching? Connection with the Teacher There is a great… Read More »